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The over all winner of this contest will recieve a manga vol of their choosing.

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There are so many colors of the rainbow,
So many colors in the morning sun,
So many colors in the flower,
And I see every one!

~Harry Chapin~


Please, if you enter here, be warned. There will be yaoi and yuri, meaning the couples in those sections will be same sex couples. These are pictures meaning you actually see something you might not be comfortable with. There might also be lemon pics, meaning detailed sex.   All sections conatining these images are clearly marked!!  If this offends you, or if you are under 18, avoid sections like Yaoi and Yuri and anything labeled "LEMON" or do not enter. If you do enter, the webmistresses are not responsible for your sensibilities.  You have been warned.

Please make sure to read all the rules before posting a pic here. The rules are created to be followed, since they're fairly easy, and all deviants will be disqualified. Kindly read the rules . . . ALL of them

Updates : Opening October 01, 2001

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